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art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter

Commissions are currently OPEN

Terms of Service

♡ Credit me and link my website if you repost a commissioned or partnered piece anywhere. You may not repost anything else of mine.♡ If you want to use my work in conjunction with anything commercial (this means ANYTHING that has a possibility of being monetized) you MUST talk to me about it before we establish the commission.♡ Understand that I have the right to refuse you for any reason.♡ I work well with deadlines, but they are not required. If you don't give me a deadline, feel free check in with me and ask for updates, but please be kind/non-excessive in your messages.♡ Fill out the entire info sheet for your commission. If you don't have a preference for something (ie. background color), put "Artist's Choice" or something along those lines. The more specific you are, the better.♡ Tips are not required, but they are greatly appreciated! I am in a difficult financial position, so every dollar goes a long way.♡ I currently accept payment through Paypal, Venmo, or Ko-Fi.I have the right to decline any commission for any reason. Please understand I won't accept a piece that makes me uncomfortable.

I will draw:

  • Any species (humanoids, ferals, anthros, mechs, etc.)

  • Any body type of any sex

  • Most fetish content (BSDM, piss, inflation, etc. I don't judge!)

I will NOT draw:

I will not draw sexual or nsfw art depicting a non-consensual scenario. This includes rape/sexual assault and anything involving chracters who do not have the ability to consent, which includes:

  • minors under the age of 18

  • incapacitated people (ie. drunk)

  • feral animals with humans or anthros (intelligence issue)

  • charicatures of real life people without their explicit consent

The only acception to this is gore/guro.

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art by @ruco30157103 on Twitter